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League Policies & Rules


All teams must have three players. It is the responsibility of all players to ensure they are in compliance with our Waiver Form. Each player must have their ID checked before receiving their league t-shirt.


To be eligible to participate in any league, each player must be confirmed on his or her team’s roster and have agreed to the waiver.  Team captains are responsible for ensuring that all members of their team have read the terms of the waiver policy. The waiver is included in the online registration process.

Player Restrictions

All players must be 18 years or older by the start of the first league match. Players may only be on one roster for the league, regardless of if multiple divisions are offered. Violation of this rule may result in game forfeiture by both teams. reserves the right to request a photo ID from any player at any time for any reason.

Division Preference

Whenever possible, will separate programs into divisions based on playing experience, ability, and competitiveness. In the event multiple divisions are not possible, all players will be placed into a single division.

Division placement for all teams will be at the sole discretion of

Any player, or team based on the majority of their players, that is determined to be in the incorrect division may, at any point during the season, be switched to the appropriate division at the discretion of

Finale Week for League

In the final week of league play, the top two teams in each division will compete in a Championship match, which will be best of five games, play to 11 win by 1, to determine the league champion. 

All other eligible teams in good standing with the league will be scheduled for a final game against a team similarly ranked in the final standings.


The Champion and Runner-Up prizes will be distributed at's discretion and include, but are not limited to, gift cards, promotional items, and/or credits toward Shop.

Game Rescheduling

In the event of inclement weather or any other event that causes games to be postponed, we will make every effort to reschedule. In the event of multiple cancellations, we reserve the option to shorten the regular season and/or the playoff schedule. Neither refunds nor pro-rated refunds will be given if the season is shortened due to inclement weather or due to actions taken by the venue.


If you know beforehand that your team will not be able to have the minimum number of players to play in a match (i.e 2), please contact the League Coordinator ASAP. That way we can let the other team know that their opponent has forfeited. The team that forfeits will receive 3 losses and their opponent will receive 3 wins.

If a team is short the minimum number of players to play a regulation game, the game will be ruled a forfeit.

If the minimum number of players arrive later than 10 minutes past the start time, your team will forfeit the first game. 

In the case of an injured player, at the sole discretion of a Coordinator, a game may be continued if a team does not have the minimum number of players for a regulation game provided the team has a chance to win.

Teams forfeiting multiple games in a season are subject to removal from the league.


We are all adults, and we expect all participants and spectators to act like it. Unsportsmanlike behavior may result in disqualification.  At the request of our League Coordinator, disqualified players or spectators must leave the playing area.  

Repeated or egregious unsportsmanlike behavior, including refusal to leave the playing area, will result in an extended suspension term.

Suspended players are not permitted to attend any current or future leagues or tournaments until after having received written approval from  Violation of this policy may result in a team forfeit and additional suspension.

Let's Keep It Social

You may hear this from a League Coordinator if someone is on the verge of committing an act not in accordance with the spirit of our programs.  It is simply a reminder for everyone to calm down, play the game, and keep it social!

If a player is exhibiting overly aggressive or unsportsmanlike behavior or is otherwise posing an unnecessary risk to themselves or others, he or she may be directed to “take a break” by a League Coordinator.  This is designed to prevent a more serious violation of our policies that would result in disqualification.

Overly Competitive Players

This League is intended to be recreational. Any player or team who is deemed to be excessively competitive and/or overly aggressive may be removed from competition at the discretion of any League Coordinator.

Overly competitive actions include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Running up the score

  • Refusing to include teammates in gameplay

  • Repeatedly targeting weaker players

  • Aggressive shouting (even if it is to yourself or a teammate)

  • Being too Physical

  • Arguing with, or directing negative comments toward, other players

  • Arguing with, or directing negative comments toward, League Coordinator

  • Attempting to deceive League Coordinator


Once registered, refunds will not be allowed under any circumstances.

Pickleball Rules

Any rules not specifically mentioned here follow those set forth by the USAPA.


Each team plays one match per week against another team within a 1 hour block of time. A match consists of 3 games. 

If time runs out and teams are in the middle of the third game, whatever the score is at the end of your time block will be used.

If time allows, additional games may be played after the initial three games but will not count towards your standings. reserves the right to adjust the format at any time.


Players may arrive 10 minutes before their starting time but NOT any earlier. We need the time to properly set up the courts before play begins.

Players must stop playing and leave the court when time runs out for their 1 hour time block.


All matches are doubles play. Except in the case of an injured player, substitutions must be made in between games. All present team players must participate in at least one game.

Teams lose the ability to challenge a player’s eligibility after the first game, except in the case of a late-arriving player.

The minimum number of players to play, and avoid a forfeit, is two.


All games will be self-officiated, there are no referees or line judges. will provide a League Coordinator each week to help direct players and answer basic questions.


Scores shall be reported and initialed by a member of each team to the League Coordinator using our scoresheet that will be provided each week.


Teams decide on a fair method to determine who will choose Server or Side. The team that “wins” the fair method has a choice of side or first service, the other team will pick the other option. Do this for each game.


Games are played up to 11, win by 2.


You will receive a scoresheet each week to fill out the score for your first 3 games. A player from each team must initial the scoresheet and hand it in to the League Coordinator.


Players are responsible for calling the lines & faults on their end of the court. The opponent gets the benefit of the doubt on line calls made. Any ball that cannot be called “out” will be considered “in.” If there is any disagreement among players about the called fault, a replay shall occur. Players are expected to call faults as soon as they are committed. League coordinator should not be asked to call lines and does not have authority to make a call.


Each team is allowed one 1-minute timeout per game.


If a pickleball or object comes into the court during a point, stop play and replay the point. If a fault is called and both teams cannot agree on the call, then replay the point.


League coordinator will provide balls. Players will need to provide their own paddles.

Athletic shoes are highly recommended for the gym floor.


Teams are ranked in order based on the following criteria:

  • Game wins & losses*

  • Head to Head

*i.e. Each game counts towards your standings, so if you win 1 game out of 3, then your ranking will be 1 win & 2 losses. It is NOT best 2 out of 3.


We will not condone inappropriate language or behavior. Our goal is to create a safe, accepting & empowering environment where players of all skill levels can play together, treat each other with respect and have fun! League Coordinator has the right to remove a team from the league at his/her discretion.


A basic First aid kit is located in the gym if needed. If there is an emergency please call 911. Players are allowed a 5-min injury time out if needed. If the injured player is not able to continue, a substitute may be made in the middle of the game.

League organizer retains the right to have final decision-making authority while following the official USA Pickleball rulebook and league specific rules. This includes but is not limited to line and fault disputes, forfeitures, structure of league and ejections for inappropriate behavior.

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